Synthetic drugs are allegedly being used as an alternative for people wanting to pass marijuana drug testing with their employers

A man who chose to remain anonymous told Kawe Korero last night that he and a number of other people he knew had turned to smoking synthetics to keep their jobs.

He was also the man who filmed a group of people at a bus stop in Manurewa who appeared dazed after allegedly smoking synthetics.

He says he initially posted the video as a joke but removed it after realising the potential impact it could have on their families.

“After I posted it up, I just didn’t really think it through I realised that me and my sister were in a similar situation last year and it wasn’t a very funny situation.”

He believes synthetic drugs have been a problem in his area for a while now.

“It’s just showing the reality of the situation you know 100 other people drove past them and it wasn’t a big deal till I put it on Facebook.”

He says he personally turned to synthetics but eventually gave up using it for the sake of his partner and children.

“Personally I jumped on the stuff cos they were drug testing at work and people were passing the drug test smoking that legal stuff, that’s why I jumped on and I knew a few other people jumped on for that reason too.”

He goes on to say “the consequences are a bit worse if you smoke real weed compared to smoking legal weed when you’re smoking that legal stuff you can still pass the drug test and keep your job but if you’re smoking the real stuff you’re gonna get fired.”

While the man removed the video from his Facebook page it remains viewable on other Facebook platforms and he says before he removed his own video it had been viewed at least 90 thousand times.