AlcoSense Verity

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Compact and easy to use with a single button operation and built-in mouthpiece, the Verity is perfect for all users young and old.

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Bright back-lit LCD display
Hidden, built in mouthpiece for convenient personal breath testing
Reads between 0.00 to 0.40% BRAC
Australian Standard AS3547 for accuracy & reliability

The AlcoSense Verity Breathalyzer makes breath testing fast, easy and highly convenient. Extremely compact at just 15mm thick and lightweight 66g with batteries. The unit is designed for convenient personal use with a hidden built-in mouthpiece and 5 additional mouthpieces if you’d like to test your friends or family members.

The AlcoSense Verity Personal Breathalyser is also highly accurate and alcohol-specific with a fuel cell sensor that can read up to 0.40%BrAC. The unit provides fast 2 decimal place readings within seconds, and automatically powers off if not in use.

The Verity is perfect to buy as a gift for friends or family. Tested and certified to various standards, you can be assured that you’re getting one of the best, most rigorously tested and accurate personal breathalysers on the market.

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyzer Specifications
Indication of BRAC 0.00% to 0.40% BRAC
Accuracy +/- 0.01 at 0.05% BRAC
Warm Up Time 3 seconds ~ 4 minutes
Response Time
Within 10 seconds
Recycle Time
10 seconds
Mouthpiece Hidden built-in mouthpiece, 5 mouthpieces supplied (only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces)
Sensor Type Fuel cell sensor
Power Supply 2 x AAA alkaline batteries
Weight 66g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 100 high x 44 wide x 15 deep
More Features • Auto power off
• Flow error technology
• 3 decimal place reading
Every 500 tests / 6 months
Warranty 3 years


AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser User Manual
AlcoSense Verity Flyer

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  1. ADT

    Great device!!! and well priced. Best Fuel Cell in New Zealand

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